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The Google AnalyticsTM for Emails.
Email marketing is the most effective direct marketing tool, no doubt, but... Once you launch a campaign... How do you measure its success? How do you know; Who read it, skimmed it or deleted it? How long did they read it? What time was it? Which country or city? Did they print it? Forward it? Click links in it? What device did they use? If you can’t answer those questions... You need mailspice analytics. mailspice analytics is the real-time email analytics super-tool that spices- up your email marketing. mailspice analytics measures: Reader engagement. Link-tracking. Geolocation and Opening Times. Target groups. A/B testing. And much more! The mailspice analytics management dashboard lets you sit back and relax during your email campaigns. Providing email marketing for your clients? mailspice analytics lets you print out professional reports! Nice! With mailspice analytics you can be fully compliant with all European data privacy laws. And we never see your customers’ data... You can also integrate mailspice into your CRM, big data solution or data warehouse... And store and post-process all of your email activities in-house. Here’s the thing; Launching an email newsletter campaign without mailspice is like launching a rocket into space without a tracking computer; It looks fantastic when you launch... And then you never see it again. Don’t do that. Get mailspice analytics, and track EVERYTHING. And hey, mailspice analytics is in BETA launch, so go to, click the link... Sign up now... And lock in your lifetime early discount.

mailspice analytics works with all emails. It sets up in minutes.

1. Log In

Right on the dashboard click “add a new campaign”.

2. Copy & Paste

Just paste the analytics code into your email or newsletter template.

3. Retrieve Real-Time Statistics

You’re all set! Enjoy mailspice advanced email analytics in real-time.

mailspice analytics is your essential email marketing tool.

Works with all Email Providers

Integrating mailspice is as easy as inserting the mailspice analytics code into your email template. Hence, mailspice analytics will work with any email service provider (ESP).

Advanced Email Analytics & Reports

With mailspice you go beyond basic open statistics. Your email marketing will be more successful, and you and your team will impress your clients with rich analytics and reports!

Compliance & Data Privacy by Design

mailspice analytics uses personal data anonymization by default. Additionally, mailspice provides an Agreement on Commissioned Data Processing (ACDP).

On-Premise Data Post-Processing

Store and post-process all email activities on your own premises. Integrate mailspice analytics into your in-house CRM, Big Data solution, or Data Warehouse.

mailspice analytics helps you reach your target audience.

Make sure your next email campaign is a smashing success by knowing all the facts about your reach, usage frequency, and intensity. Quickly and efficiently track, analyze, and generate detailed management reports on all your email campaigns.

With mailspice analytics you can!

Reader Engagement & Activity
Do your readers actually open your emails, or do they just immediately delete them? If they do open them, do they really read them, or do they just quickly glance through them?
Geo-location & time
Do you have all the information you need to strategically target your email recipients based on their location and time zone? Are the appropriate people in the right places getting your valuable content?
mailspice iPhone HTML Email Newsletter Demo Mockup
Clicks & Heatmaps
Which of your links were clicked on the most? Were they optimized to perform well and look great, even on all mobile devices?
Reporting & exporting
Do you have a beautiful-looking enterprise-grade PDF report handy? Can you easily export all the tracking data and analytics learnings to spreadsheet programs like Excel?

Impressive analytics for online marketers, agencies, and ambitious developers.


Online Marketers

By implementing mailspice analytics, marketers will go beyond the simple Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) like “opens” and “clicks.” Reader engagement, target groups, and opening time analysis are just a few of the features that will help online marketers stay on top of their game and deliver unique, innovative, and successful email marketing campaigns to their clients.

Marketing Agencies

Creating and managing reports is a tedious task! Marketing agencies can use mailspice analytics to save an enormous amount of time in their everyday work. Using mailspice allows agencies to efficiently track and report campaign successes for all their clients in just one interface. Agencies really appreciate the ability to fully whitelabel mailspice analytics to fit their distinct corporate identity.

Email Designers

Designers will receive useful and beneficial feedback to help them make better design decisions. Using mailspice’s A/B split-testing feature allows designers to compare different versions of the same email design, to determine which will generate the best results. Email campaigns benefit from continual tweaking and optimization of their newsletter layouts and designs.

Developers & Enterprise IT Departments

IT developers can use mailspice analytics to quickly reveal and resolve technical or deliverability issues. They will be able to respond to flaws in a timely manner, and easily integrate mailspice into all existing email tools. IT developers will be able to bridge the gap between email analytics and their in-house CRM, Big Data solutions, or Data Warehouse.

Here’s what our users say.

Reliable and realtime reporting is key for us to tailor the right content to the right target audience. Especially as an enterprise customer I can highly recommend mailspice. Great customer service. Super responsive team that is always going the extra mile to make sure the customer’s expectations are being met.
Eliane Zäh

Head of International Communications, DFL Deutsche Fußball Liga GmbH

We have been using mailspice analytics reporting to our benefit.

With the introduction of these services we were able to vastly improve our international media service and qualify leads, customer needs and learn about the fit of our provided content and services.

Steffen Busch

Sportsmarketing Consultant, Summit Sportmarketing


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