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8.216 Mails sent on 19.02.2018 17:00
Food Services, Sports & Entertainment

Please note: This live demo is showing a single campaign only and is limited in functionality. Furthermore, in order to protect the privacy of our customer data, this demo campaign is showing artificially generated data. As creating naturally looking data is very difficult, this campaign may not show the same likelihood of anomalous differences compared to real campaigns for e.g. engagement, platform distribution or opening times.

This demo campaign tracks sample email recipients. In your own campaign, you can control exactly which data will be tracked by extensive data privacy settings for your campaigns effectively granting full privacy to your recipients.

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URL Name Clicks Percent Pizza Pizza Logo 9 0.11% Visit our website 15 0.18% Balsamic Chicken Mango Salad 11 0.13% Roastbeef Curry Panini 15 0.18% Cream of Fresh Tomato Soup 26 0.32% Open this email in your browser. 20 0.24% Unsubscribe 19 0.23% Pizza Pizza Facebook Page 8 0.10% Pizza Pizza Twitter Stream 25 0.30%
Smartphone 82.43%
Desktop 13.51%
Tablet 3.38%
Unknown / Other 0.68%
Top 5 URLs 17.57% 16.89% 16.22% 13.51% 12.84%
Other 22.97%
Top 5 Hosts 77.70% 16.89% 5.41%